Schadschöpfung und Kritik proaktiv mindern – Akzeptanz für kommerzielle Aktivitäten steigern

Öffentliche Proteste aus der Gesellschaft branden verstärkt auf, wenn es zu unkontrollierten Zwischenfällen entlang der Wertschöpfungskette kommt, die negative ökologische und soziale Auswirkungen mit sich bringen.

Kritische Interessengruppen nehmen dies für eine Brandmarkung zum Anlass, die den Gesetzgeber über einen erhöhten öffentlichen Druck dazu zwingen kann, empfindliche Einschränkungen (wie z.B. ein Zulassungsverbot für Wirkstoffe) zu erteilen, welche zu zukünftigen Umsätzeausfällen führen.

Um dies proaktiv zu vermeiden, können Unternehmen über CSR und PR hinaus die öffentliche Akzeptanz über geeignete Stewardsship-Maßnahmen und Lösungen substantiell steigern. Die eigene License-to-Operate wird gestärkt und eine verzerrte öffentliche Wahrnehmung korrigiert, die negativen Kampagnen und Berichterstattungen andernfalls einen Nährboden bietet.


We support our clients in the strategy development, planning and implementation of complex production systems. We are able to offer consulting services as well as project management in all fields of machine tool construction. If required extensive projects can also be carried out independently.


planning support

The planning process of machine tools and production systems today takes place in an environment of shortened product life cycles and rapidly developing production technologies.

In the planning phase there are considerable dangers in terms of project duration and cost overruns but also great opportunities to lay the foundation for successful projects.

Thanks to its long experience and broad expertise in numerous planning projects ELFIN Engineering has demonstrably implemented considerable savings and shorter project lifecycles.

We look forward to your inquiry.


In times of scarce resources and a lack of specialists a professional supplier management gets more and more important.

ELFIN Engineering has deep international market knowledge in the sum of its employees.

As a result we are able to assist you in choosing and more importantly in developing your suppliers.


The actual state analysis of your machine or production plant is an important decision template for repair measures or new investments and should therefore be as manufacturer-independent as possible.

In addition to multi-manufacturer mechanical engineering expertise, ELFIN Engineering has numerous standardized methods for determining states. The evaluation will be presented as needed; from the simple protocol to the optimization or repair recommendation.

Did you know that the optimization of your production system can be carried out systematically according to your needs.

You determine how long and how intensive you want to operate your system.

We develop various optimization scenarios for you, from software optimization to the mechanical and electrical retrofit of your system.


You are planning the new development of a machine or system?

We are happy to assist you from the development of the specifications to the preparation of the schedules and the target costing specifications to the finished construction and construction of the prototype.

Our project management, mechanical design, electrical design, software development, assembly and process commissioning staff are looking forward to the challenge


IHowever the machine tool does “good service” but has to be brought to the next level technologically and with regard to control technology for various reasons

ELFIN Engineering is your partner when it comes to determining the cost-effectiveness of the project, planning the retrofit process and implementing it on your own responsibility or accompanying it with project managers from all fields of machine tool building

The commissioning of machine tools and production facilities requires a particularly high degree of interdisciplinary understanding and a lot of experience. It is important to understand and correctly classify the relationships of mechanics, clamping technology, tools, software and overall process.

This is exactly what characterizes the employees of ELFIN Engineering. We have seen (almost) everything in numerous projects in this area and are looking forward to using this knowledge for your success


Software development and NC programming are becoming more and more important as digitalisation progresses.

We have extensive libraries of applications for many well-known machine tool brands from route optimization to graphical operator guidance.

In addition we have numerous programs and tools for processing a variety of workpieces in our inventory.

We are happy to assist you in this area

Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC

The Machinery Directive is the set of rules for a uniform level of protection for accident prevention for machinery and partly completed machinery

The scope of the Machinery Directive covers:

  • new machines from the EEA machines, which are being placed on the market for the first time, incl. machines for their own use
  • new machine machinery that has already been marketed and significantly modified in the EEA
  • new and old machines from outside the EEA which are imported into the EEA and do not need to be significantly modified
  • complex plants, linked machine aggregates of machines arranged and operated to function as a whole

The Ninth Ordinance on the Product Safety Act (9th ProdSV) transposes the European Directive 2006/42 / EC (Machinery Directive) into national law in Germany. It forms the legal basis for safe machines and is binding for the machine manufacturer.

You are facing the task of a CE certification or a BWS exam.

ELFIN Engineering will gladly support you here from conception through training to self-responsible implementation.

The 5 principles of our commitments

ELFIN Engineering develops together with the customers the optimal solution of their tasks. In doing so we follow our firmly anchored principles:

  1. We create marketable solutions with product character that are organized cleanly and function effectively at an organizational level.
  2. At the beginning of our engagement we determine the solution together with the customer in order to ensure the effective added value.
  3. We not only design and implement but create solutions that are aligned to the project’s success.
  1. We rely on a demand-oriented cooperation process with our customers so that from the beginning the feasibility is secured.setzbarkeit gesichert ist.
  2. Today’s business world is very volatile and complex. On the basis of a changing project nature we align our service and team configuration again and again flexibly to changing requirements.